SAMFA is the acronym for measuring Persian skills standards. Samfa assesses the standard of language skills of individuals, regardless of where and with what book they have learned Persian. Samfa in Persian, like the TOEFL and IELTS tests in English. This test has been designed and implemented by the Center for International Scientific Cooperation, the National Education Evaluation Organization and the General Directorate of Non-Iranian Students of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and with the cooperation of prominent professors of universities and scientific institutes. A scientific framework and supporting document have been prepared for this exam, which is published by the Center for International Scientific Cooperation of the Ministry of Science.

In addition, this test also has the advantage of having a speech skills test, which is evaluated after recording the productions of Persian students along with other reading, listening and writing skills in the country’s education evaluation organization. Samfa exam is one of the criteria for studying in the universities of the Islamic Republic. According to approved regulations, all non-Iranian students volunteering to study at the country’s universities must take the test. This test consists of two parts: general and academic. One of the applications of the general SAMFA test is to determine the level of Persian language proficiency for those non-Iranian citizens who intend to study in schools of education, residence, work and business, establishment of international offices and و in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This test is held at least 3 times a year in January, June and September. From next year, this test will be held simultaneously inside the country and Persian language chairs outside Iran.

Test specifications

Each skill in this test has 60 points, which is a total of 240 points. Listening and Reading Skills Each of the 30 written questions and tests has two topics that last 180 minutes. 15 minutes for speech skills. For the first time, this standardized test is concentrated in the country’s universities on Thursdays and Fridays, December 26 and 27, 2017 at Imam Khomeini International University, Tehran, Isfahan, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Bu Ali Sina University of Hamadan for non-Iranian students It was held out of 650 volunteers. These candidates participated in the tests of listening, reading and writing skills and speaking skills. The Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology was honored at the 8th National Meeting of International Vice-Chancellors of Universities. Meanwhile, the fifth test for measuring Persian language skills standards was held in the morning and afternoon on Friday, September 7, 1998, and additional information will be provided later. The test will be conducted in the morning and afternoon on Friday, 06/15/2009, simultaneously with Domestic domains in foreign exam domains were also held as follows: Iraq: Erbil, Najaf; Lebanon: Beirut; Turkey: Ankara; Syria: Damascus.

Objectives and application of the test

This test is the only official Persian language test that is approved by Iranian and non-Iranian universities and companies.
Leveling of knowledge and language skills of students and volunteers interested in Persian language in the world
Admission of non-Iranian students to study in universities and scientific centers of the country
Standardization of Persian language teaching to non-Persian speakers
Note 1: This test can be used for other requirements of other devices for non-Iranian citizens, such as obtaining a work visa, obtaining a residence permit, establishing offices in Iran, and so on. Note 2: The only criterion for admitting non-Iranian students studying in the universities and scientific centers of the country is to participate in the SAMFA exam and obtain the quorum for the acceptance certificate (SAMFA).
Record and certificate of SAMFA
Samfa’s resume can be downloaded from the website of the National Education Evaluation Organization by entering information such as the application number and passport number. The SAMFA certificate will be sent to the address you stated at the time of registration.
The Education Evaluation Organization of Iran issues the certificate of this test in both Persian and English, which is valid for 2 years.

According to the information of the applicants, the seventh registration period for participating in the standardized test of Persian language skills (SAMFA) starts on Tuesday, 11/07/99 and ends on Thursday, 11/16/99. It should be emphasized that the registration will be done exclusively online and through the information portal of this organization at the address:

Due to the fact that the registration fee is paid online, applicants are required to use the bank cards of Shetab network members whose electronic payment is active, by referring to the said information portal and paying the amount of 6,000,000 (six million) Rials as payment. Registration, to receive credit card information (serial number 12 digits).

Important Note: Applicants for participation in exam areas abroad must obtain a credit card related to enrollment through the Persian Language Training Center for exam areas abroad.

The standard assessment test of Persian language skills (SAMFA – University SAMFA) is exclusively at the academic level and includes listening, reading, writing and speaking sections, in which the applicants’ skills will be measured.

The mentioned exam in the morning and afternoon of Friday, 12/01/1999 (equal to February 19, 2021 AD and 7 Rajab, 1442 AH) coincides with the domestic seminars in the foreign exam seminaries in Iraq, Egypt, Oman, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, China and Georgia will be held.

Determining the city (for applicants in the country) or the country (for applicants abroad) for the exam will be subject to the quorum of the number of applicants at the time of registration.