Rules of incoming flights to Iran:

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, due to the re-outbreak of the Corona virus in the United Kingdom and the ban on the entry of passengers from this country to Iran, it informs that all passengers whose transit flights are in one of the cities of the United Kingdom will be prevented. .

There are special restrictions for travelers traveling to Iran from foreign countries. All incoming passengers on international flights must take the Covid-19 test. These people will then be transferred to their place of residence and remain in quarantine for 14 days.

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, as well as the National Aviation Organization, in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus, the conditions for admission of passengers on international incoming flights are announced as follows:

Require the use of masks in all stages of travel

All incoming flights are required to receive a Covid-19 health certificate and negative test (PCR) in English approved by the Ministry of Health of the country of origin, which is issued up to 72 hours before arrival in Iran and delivered to the border health representative at the airport. It becomes.

Failure to provide a valid test will not allow foreign nationals to enter, and Iranian travelers without a health certificate will be directed to a quarantine location designated by the Ministry of Health for 14 days and will be required to pay all accommodation and testing costs.

Upon arrival at the Iranian air border, all passengers will be re-screened and in case of suspicious cases after PCR test, foreign nationals will be quarantined in the designated areas (along with the fee) and passengers with Iranian nationality will be required to stay in quarantine. will be. It is mandatory to complete the self-declaration form at the airport of origin or during the flight and submit it to the relevant official.

Corona test for return route from Turkey to Iran

To have a corona test in Istanbul, you can take the test at the new airport or visit the hospitals designated for coronary heart disease in Istanbul.

Iran Air’s conditions for accepting incoming passengers to Iran on international flights:

Domestic and foreign diplomats in the form of political delegations and staff of political representations and offices of international organizations (holders of political and service passports) residing are exempt from presenting the Covid-19 Laboratory Test (PCR) in the country of origin and only clinical evaluation upon arrival. It is enough for them. If these people have signs in clinical evaluations, PCR test is performed for them at the entry points and while obtaining the contact number and commitment, they are required to quarantine at the designated place of residence or residence until the assignment of the test results. If the test is positive, they must remain in the same quarantine location for a maximum of 14 days.

For other foreign nationals with normal passports applying for entry into the country, certificate of non-infection of Covid-19 (PCR) in English and if submitted in non-English, stamped with a health seal by the consular section of the missions of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the country of origin free of charge Is required.

If more than 72 hours have elapsed since the issuance of the test certificate due to travel time or other reasons, there is no need to retake the test and only after screening and clinical evaluations at the time of arrival and if symptomatic, re-test. Will be performed and quarantine will be applied at the designated location until the test result is assigned. If the test is positive, they must stay at the designated quarantine location for 14 days. All costs of accommodation and re-testing will be borne by ordinary travelers.

For Iranians applying to return to the country whose length of stay abroad is less than 2 weeks, it is not necessary to obtain a health certificate, a Covid-19 laboratory test certificate (PCR) in English or approved by the consulate.

This Section will be update, due to different situations