According to the Bashgah-E-Khabarnegaran Javan, Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mansour Gholami said about holding practical courses in the current semester: “Practical courses for master’s and doctoral degrees were held due to the small number of students in universities
He added that the provincial headquarters and the national headquarters of Corona did not allow practical courses to be held in some universities due to the large number of undergraduate students, but some universities were able to hold practical and simulation courses for students virtually

Gholami added: “In the summer, 99 universities offered practical courses to students in a short period of time, and this year, the universities intend to observe this issue

The Minister of Science added: “Universities themselves have become sensitive to the fact that no student can pass the relevant course without passing the practical section, and these delays will surely be compensated by the universities.  “At the moment, our forecast is to hold practical courses virtually in the next semester, But if national headquarters of Corona allows us some of courses will be face to face

Source: Hamshari Online