Snapp Food

The companies of Snap and Zoodfood, which have been active in the Iranian online business for several years, have decided in July 1396 to continue to operate under a common brand. Snapfood is a brand new Snap and Snapdragon that is already ahead of you. The online fast food system has started its activities since the year 88 with the aim of promoting the culture of online food order in Iran. During these 8 years, online ordering of food was offered in various cities of Iran including Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Shiraz. And … it’s possible. Snapfood is currently the most trusted and best-performing restaurant in Iran, with its more than 1500 restaurants serving as the pioneer of online food ordering in Iran’s online business space.


Food ordering system with more than 3,500 active restaurants in Iran. The system has been operating since 2014


Changal is an application and a website for ordering food in Iran. In only three steps, the user can order food from his closest restaurant, order a meal, order a breakfast, order a lunch, order a dinner, and … order an order. Changal for mobile phones from Google Play; Market Cafe; Apple App and IranApps can be downloaded and it’s possible for users to register using the cell phone ordering food. With the Changal app, you can easily and with a few simple clicks. Search for nearby restaurants and order your favorite meals.


The Fidilio Group has been formed by a gathering of management, IT and advertising professionals with a highly professional and specialized approach to creating value and services in the area of ​​restaurant and meals in outdoor environments. The complex, on the one hand, is engaged in international tours and international companies in an effort to introduce the best Iranian restaurants to foreign guests, and on the other hand, it introduces comprehensive domestic restaurants to peripheral compatriots to share the experiences of people with each other and Generally, the pleasure and joy of having spent one meal out of the home was raised. We follow Fidilio Group’s entire activities with a highly professional attitude. The name and cartoon character of Fidilio (Master Fidilio) have been registered under the same name at the International Registry of Companies and any copying and matching to the individual Legalized. Also, any use of this site’s information is non-commercial and only with the permission of the source.

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