Shopping Mall


A major shopping mall in northern Tehran. The center has smart parking, which eliminates worries about the park’s location in the area, then you can use Food court and have a good time.

(Location : Moghadas Ardebili St. (Zaferanieh


The shopping center of Arg is one of the newest and most complete shopping centers in the city of Tehran. The facilities of this center include Food Court, cinema, smart parking, which will solve the problem of the lack of park in Sa’dabad and Tajrish areas.

Location : Tajrish Sq , Maleki St. Near Saadabad

مرکز خرید کوروش

یکی از بهترین مراکز خرید در محدوده غرب تهران را می توان به کوروش نسبت داد ، همچنین پردیس سینمایی کوروش یکی از مشهور ترین سینمای کشور می باشد . از دیگر امکانات این مرکز می توان به فودکورت و پارکینک اختصاصی نام برد .

مکان : بزرگراه شهید ستاری جنوب


If we want to talk about luxuriousness, one of the names that comes to our minds is Liduma. This luxury shopping center, built in the northwest of Tehran, is famous for its first roof Food court . Other facilities include private parking.

.Location : Farahzadi Bv

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