Historical Places

Azadi Tower

Location: Azadi Square

The history of Azadi Tower dates back to 1967. This year, the design of an Iranian identification symbol was put up for competition among Iranian architects, and in the end, the design of the 24-year-old architect Hossein Amanat won and was selected for construction. The construction of Azadi Tower began on November 4, 1970, and after twenty-eight months of work, it was put into operation on January 15, 1971 under the name of Shahyad Tower

Some of Tehran’s winter concerts are held in the conference hall of Azadi Tower in Tehran. Buy tickets for these types of concerts from ticket sales sites

Visiting Azadi Tower and its different parts is possible by preparing a ticket, which is not possible to buy through the portal

One of the best places in Tehran for high-altitude photography is the top of Tehran’s Azadi Tower, which, like the upper part of Tehran’s Milad Tower, has a beautiful view of different parts of the capital.

Golestan Palace

Location: Panzdah-e-Khordad St Fifth Khordad Avenue Arg Sqrì

Golestan Palace or Golestan Museum Palace, with a history of over 440 years, is one of the most unique historical collections in Iran. The application of the name Golestan to this complex has its roots in the foundation of a hall called “Golestan”, which was one of the buildings of the era of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar and was completed in 1216 AH during the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar.
Golestan Palace has undergone changes from the Safavid era to the contemporary era. Although the foundation of Golestan Palace dates back to the time of Shah Abbas Safavid and in 998 AH and with the construction of four gardens inside the fence of Shah Tahmasb and later during the reign of Shah Suleiman Safavid (1109 – 1078 AH) with the construction of a court house in the same The area of ​​Shah Abbasi Chenarestan is formed, but today there are no traces of those foundations and the existing assets of Golestan Palace are limited to a part of the monuments and buildings from Zandieh era and do not go beyond it.
Golestan Palace was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 2, 2013, at the 37th Annual Meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Cheshme Ali

Shahr Rey, Shahid Ghayouri St., 22 Bahman St., Cheshmeh Ali

Cheshmeh Ali (local dialect: Cheshli) is one of the ancient, scenic and touristic places of Rey, which is located in District 20 of Tehran Municipality. This spring is located in the neighborhood of Ibn Babavieh, Tughral Tower, Rashkan Fortress and under the fort of Rey city. Cheshmeh-e Ali emerges from the large rocks and flows south and then southeast
The ancient name of this spring was “Surin”, which is probably derived from the name of a great dynasty in the Parthian and Sassanid period, and the current name is derived from the name of the  Imam Ali
The history of Cheshmeh Ali dates back to about 8000 years ago, when the first people gathered or a hill next to permanent springs

Milad Tower

Between Hakim Gharb Highway, after Chamran Highway, the entrance of the tower

Milad Tower in Tehran, in the northwestern region of Tehran, is the tallest tower in Iran and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. The height of Milad Tower is 435 meters. Milad Tower of Tehran is the twentieth unreliable tall structure (structures without supports such as wires and masts) and has the first place in terms of the area of use of the top structure of the tower with 13,000 meters of infrastructure

Saad Abad Palace

Valiasr St. – Shahid Fallahi St. (Zafaranieh) at the end of Shahid Kamal Taheri St

The historical and cultural complex of Saad Abad Palace in Tehran has been one of the summer residences of the Qajar and Pahlavi kings. Saad Abad Palace Complex is one of the three beautiful and historical palace complexes in the Shemiranat region of Tehran, where the last kings of Iran resided
The area around Saad Abad Palace complex was covered with a garden in the past and there was a garden full of trees inside this complex. The private palace of Saad Abad complex is the main palace of this complex and Reza Khan has increased the number of palaces and buildings of Saad Abad complex over time

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