One of the biggest concerns of every student is to prepare their own study resources, considering that in most cities of the country, there are no centralized centers, in most cases, students face wide problems. But in Tehran this problem is not seen and you can easily access your book or textbook.
Iran, Tehran, Enghelab Square
When we hear the name of Enghelab Square or Street, it reminds us of the most important university in Iran, the University of Tehran. That is why this region has become the book hub of Iran. There is almost any kind of book you want from novels to textbooks here. Tehran Book and Stationery center starts almost from Vesal Street and continues to Enghelab Square.
Access to Enghelab Square
Fortunately, Enghelab St is in the city center, you can go there from anywhere you want. The easiest way is to use the metro and BRT buses. Enghelab Square metro station on line 4 (Kolahdooz – Eram Sabz) and BRT line of Tehranpars – Azadi intersection are the most important means of public transportation. You can also easily get to Enghelab Square from the east or west of the city using your taxi system.

Of course, it should be added that you can also go to Enghelab Square through the bus lines of Tehran, so choose your line and go to your destination as soon as possible
Bookstore opening hours
If we want to determine the exact time period, it will not be possible at all, because each shop or shopping center has its own operating hours. But it can be estimated that all the shops are selling their books from 9 am to 9 pm. However, due to the corona epidemic and health instructions for prevention, the announced interval may be reduced or we may not even see reopening at all. So be sure to follow the news before moving.
Do not forget that during the compilation of this educational article, the corona virus is spread dangerously and threatens the lives of all of us, so by using masks and disinfectants such as 70% alcohol and observing social distance, especially in public places, from the spread of this Prevent the virus and stay safe

Source: Study In Tehran