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In this section you can fully view the complete information of the universities of Tehran such as the background, address, telephone and …


You need to be admitted to enter universities in Tehran. You can use this section to get comprehensive information on how to enter the university.


One of the most important parts of student life is the cost. In this section, we will familiarize you with the conditions for receiving scholarships so that we can help you with the students.

Educational Centers

This section is about free training centers in various fields. You can also watch ceremonies such as exhibitions


One of the most important parts of the study is the presence of a quiet and unconventional environment to focus. You can choose the best and closest book of the house and read the lessons.


This section consists of three sections: university dormitories, non-government approved, and student-rented dwellings.

Medical Centers

You can see all of the medical centers and hospitals in Tehran and, if necessary, use them

Governmental Centers

The list of all government centers required by the students as well as the addresses of the Ministries of the Islamic Republic of Iran along with the address of the embassies of foreign countries

Food Centers


One of the most enjoyable parts of the student’s life, and most importantly, is the choice of the right place to spend your time and eat a meal with friends.



Along with the lesson, you should use full and proper time from your extra time. In this section, you can see places like cinema, sports centers, shopping malls and all the entertainment centers you need.

Public Transport

Public Transport

Complete information on the internal and external transportation system of Tehran city in this section and you can choose the best way to reach the destination.

Students As A Reporter

We give you the opportunity to share all the important news and events of Tehran as our exclusive reporter.

Student Reporter
Pre Dep

Pre Departure

All the necessary information you need before leaving for Tehran will be found in this section. Please pay attention to the announcements and news before leaving

Tehran, The City With Beautiful Story

If you are looking to know what the history of the city you are studying is, visit this section




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